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A passion for reading & writing romance...

The fact that you've landed here tells me you're a fellow romance reader. Awesome! I'm a huge fan of romance novels -- I love reading them, and I especially love writing them.

Stories have always delighted me. I began writing my own in the third grade, the year my mom bought me my first diary. As I grew older, the urge to write grew stronger. I would wake up through the night to scribble down a scene or a line of poetry. I just *had* to create something.

My obsession with words and sentence rhythm continues today. I've tried not to write. (My life would be far simpler!) But I always come back to it. Writing brings me great joy. 

We are on this earth for such a short time; I decided early on that I want to focus on the good in life, on the beauty. So I write romance novels with happy endings. :)

I'm glad you've landed here. Please stay a while, look around, and be sure to sign up for my newsletter. I love keeping in touch with fellow romance readers!

At this moment in time...

Do you like an eerie atmosphere in the books you read during the month of October?

If so, feel free to sink into a few of the spooky settings I've created in A DANGEROUS COURTSHIPa sweet Regency romance set in London and Yorkshire, and the award-winning PHANTOMa more sensual read set along the Sussex coast with its cliffs and caves and wind-blasted trees.

I like adding a Gothic touch to the tales I spin and would love to hear what you think. Please let me know!

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**Congrats to lucky recipient Jaimie M., and thanks to all who joined me at Creatively Carrie !**

Come join me as I visit with Creatively Carrie on her blog

Carrie is the wickedly creative mind behind the Twitter handle @BroodingYAHero , an author with a finished first manuscript and another in the making, and a graduate student with a penchant for business. 

We met years ago to talk writing and have recently reconnected. I'm super excited to be visiting with her at her site. 

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Me ... atop a mesaSince I’ve been working on Sydney’s story, I’ve been thumbing through some of my Wyoming memories. 

To the left is a photo taken oh-so-long ago as I (finally) reached the top of a mesa in Ten Sleep, Wyoming, along with a few fabulous fellow Girl Scouts who kept me moving through the heat and hard work.

Years after the trek, I focused on the experience as a writing prompt.

In honor of memories—and of mesas!—I share the result near the bottom of this page .


Rescued by the Cowboy
It's May, which means (insert drum roll here) the release of RESCUED BY THE COWBOY at eRetailers!

This books kicks off my Texas Flyboys Series and is one of my favorites. I hope you like it as much as I do!

Are you interested in an Advance Reading Copy? 

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I'm hoping you'll love Tess and Nick and their sweet (and adventurous!) love story as much as I do!

And I hope you'll stick with the series and enjoy Jesse and Sydney's adventure in Wyoming, which I'm working on now (see below).  



Books on library shelf

As I write this, I'm neck-deep in reading about hiking in the Wind River Range and surviving in the wild--all of which will help me tell Sydney and Jesse's story. 
I just finished reading Finis Mitchell's Wind River Trails . Published in 1999 by the University of Utah Press, it is a small guide written by a true mountain man.

I loved the snippets of poetry, and I especially enjoyed the stories of how Finis Mitchell (and others) stocked the high-mountain lakes with trout  -- a feat that spanned seven years, involved 314 lakes and the transportation of 2.5 million trout, all while still maintaining a fishing camp first begun in 1930. What a great tale this is! I am in awe of what Finis Mitchell accomplished ... and I am forever enthralled by the trails he tread and the words he wove about them.

He reminds me of my father, who was a true sportsman who loved and honored the outdoors. Finis Mitchell's book struck a strong chord with me. He wrote about the "solace and tranquility" found in the wilderness. As a young girl, I knew those very things as I followed in my father's footsteps through the woods. I found them again in the pages of this book.   


With the new year has come a new passion for my writing (yay!).
I'm working on the second story in my Texas Flyboys series , which means I've been stealing moments here and there to jot down ideas or snippets of scenes. 

I love the energy a new story stirs to life in me. And I love thinking about different characters ... what they should do, would do, could do. 

I especially love going "scene shopping" in my brain. Essentially, I choose every little nuance that will populate the big and not-so-big moments of the story. I've just begun building the scenes for Jesse and Sydney in Wyoming. 

(HINT: The scenes involve lots of action, and Jesse being oh-so-Jesse. ;)

Stay tuned!

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